Boys Tie League Rivals

Connor Donahue

Last night the King Phillip soccer team faced off against our own Panther boys under the lights at their home field. Having lost to their rivals in their first meeting the boys were looking to secure two more points with a win over KP.

With field conditions the worst the Panther have seen all season the fight was on.  Tempers were flaring and with a new formation the game was intense and down to the wire. Bryan Sassaman, having switched with senior captain Reed Turgeon to play striker, made many attempts on goal including a late volley from outside the 18 (goalie box) that just missed the post.

The wings played well after a half time pep talk with Matty Bascom sending in a few crosses hoping to grab an assist. In midfield the Panthers looked strong and worked hard through out the game led by captain Zach Scafati and senior Austin Blaze. The defense, now led by Reed Turgeon, looked better as the game pressed on, helping the Panthers goalie “Matty Mo” secure the shut out.

Over all the Panthers fought hard but were reluctant to score having the game end in a 0-0 tie. Fran Bostitis, head coach of the Panthers, said after the game, “I can honestly look at everyone who played today and say that each of them worked hard out there and gave their best effort.”

The Panthers look forward to playing North Attleboro for a make up game on Thursday after school.