Making History with Connecticut

Karley Newton

The Franklin Football team prepares to play a Connecticut team for the first time ever in school history this Saturday afternoon. The Westhill Vikings from Stanford Connecticut have a record of 0-4 but they’re “a very talented team in a very difficult league” says Coach Sidwell, the athletic director at Franklin High. Although the team has been able to watch the Vikings on film, no one knows much about them, so the game is sure to be worth watching.

Franklin’s record is 1-4 so far this year, but the season is still in its early stages, so everyone is hopeful that this game will prove to be a victory. “I’m really excited to play an out of stage team”, says one player, “it should be really cool actually.”

Although this interesting match seems like it was planned well in advance, it just fell into Franklin’s hands. A game wasn’t scheduled for this upcoming weekend, and the team wanted to play. In the search to find a team with availability, it was learned that no Massachusetts team’s schedule matched up with Franklin’s. That’s when they contacted the Vikings, and offered to set up a game in Franklin this season, and Connecticut next fall.

The game does count for both of our records; however tournaments don’t count out of state games. Either way, the first time Franklin plays a team from another state is sure to be interesting, to say the least!