I Can’t Hear You!

Nicole Morelli

You don’t think fans in Gillette Stadium are loud? Well, you need to listen up!

Everyone remembers the unforgettable moment last Sunday when Deion Branch charged into the end zone with Tom Brady’s touchdown pass and all 65 thousand fans stood up from their seats and cheered.

A sound meter is placed at the open end of the stadium during the football season to record how crazy fans really get during games. After Branch’s touchdown the sound meter recorded it’s highest record in Gillette Stadium history of 106.4 decibels.

Remember, that was near the open end up the stadium. In the enclosed half of the stadium the sound is 10 decibels higher, which makes the sound over 115 decibels and over what the Occupational Safety and Health Administration consider to be very dangerous for any length of time.

Even the Patriots coach, Bill Belichick, noticed how enthusiastic the fans were during the Sunday game against the Jets. “They were definitely into the game, no question about it,” he said in an interview with the Boston Globe. “To tell you the truth, when you’re down on the field, it’s like a constant roar. It goes up and it comes down a little bit, but it’s a constant roar.”