Varitek and Wakefield may be on their way out

James MacLean

Jason Varitek and Tim Wakefield, two veterans from the Red Sox, lasting 15 seasons for Varitek and 17 for Wakefield, may be out of jobs soon when it is announced whether they will be returning for the 2012 season. Both players have not only played for Boston but helped raised money and helped their communities here.

With the leave of Francona and now possibly Epstein, two of the longest lasting players on the Red Sox may not be seen for this upcoming season. Franklin High School has watched these two players last for the seasons with the two World Series wins in ’04 and ’07. Junior Tyler Molloy tells that, “When I was younger, there were all of the main payers that included Varitek and Wakefield. It’ll be sad to see them go.” Another junior, Devin Roddy says, “Every time I went to a game I would see Varitek catching and Wakefield pitching, having them leave the team would be very sad.”

If these two players are to leave, who will be able to replace them? While they may never be able to be replaced, the team will hopefully bounce back for their next baseball season.