Is Tom Brady’s Hair the Key?

catie flaherty

With the Celtics on strike, Bruins barely on the ice, and the Patriots on a BYE week I feel like this is the perfect time for a light-hearted article regarding the very good-looking Tom Brady and his coveted locks.

Being born and raised in New England I feel it is my personal duty to be a Patriots fan, although not completely knowledgeable about football itself, I see it less daunting to watch the game when stellar, star quarterback Tom Brady enters the game. He recently was awarded with Quarterback with the Best Hair in the NFL and even more notable, One of the Most Influential Men of 2011 . I mean his hair really seals the deal in my opinion, what does everyone else think?

His recent trip to the hair dresser caused some internet controversey, and was covered in almost every gossip column with headlines such as, “Tom Brady’s Long Hair 2009-2011” and “A Region Mourns Tom Brady’s Hair.” He debuted a shorter look on September 28 that seemed to be chin-length compared to his previous flowing, shoulder- length mane. Some people even saw highlights and a lighter-auburn hue accompanying the transformation. Maybe the rationale behind the drastic change was to further his sophisticated image now that he is the face of men’s Ugg boots or as a part of a superstition routine associated with past superbowl wins?

Either way Tom Brady does not alter his charming looks and still looks perfect standing next to his model wife, Gisele Bundchen. But on a more serious note, his tactics could be a scheme to bring back lucky karma associated with winning previous super bowls sporting a shorter hairstyle.

After throwing 4 interceptions and losing against the Buffalo Bills in week 3, Brady took drastic actions and dismissed his previous performance by centering himself with a new haircut that would hopefully propel stronger appearances and clinch a spot in the NFL Superbowl. In previous Superbowl wins of 2001, 2003, and 2004 it was a reoccurring trend of Tom Brady and his shorter hair to be in the picture of a winning smile while hoisting the Vince Lombardi Trophy in the air.

If you want to read the formal obituary for the loss please check out:


Do you think the haircut by Tom Brady was intentional or just to clean up his scruffy appearance?