Boston Bruins Start New Year

The B’s start off there new season!

From the start of the season back on October 6th 2011 the Boston Bruins lost there first game at home. Oh well it was only the first game of the long hockey season. There record now is 3-6. Not the best but it could be worse. They have plenty of time to improve there record before the playoffs.

Last night we played the Canadiens at home and ended up losing 2-1. After winning the Stanly Cup last year many people have very high hopes for the Bruins. This definitely developed a growth in the number of Bostonians watching hockey.

The last time the Bruins won the Cup was back in 1972 before any of us FHS students were even born. Last year when they won after this long drought of losing it excited everyone who was a fan! It was just like back in 2004 when the Boston Red Sox won the World Series. It caused for celebration all over! This year the Boston Bruins will hopefully show us the same effort and give all of us Bruins fans the same excitement as last year!