Get Your Low-Down on Winter Sports

Sarah Chandler

White flakes are falling from above, the outdoors is growing colder, and the smell of post-season is in the air, which could mean only one thing. Yep, you guessed it, Winter sports are almost here and contained within this article is everything you need to know to sign-up and start playing!

Here’s the breakdown:



Friday 11/4-Tuesday 11/10


Cafeteria (Ms.Jacobson will be at a table with the forms)

 School Physical


11/15 Boys: 2:15 Girls: 3:00pm


Nurse’s Office

All forms can be found here:

Student Athletic Form

(copy and paste)

Medical History Form (to be filled out online)

Head’s Up, all paperwork is due by Friday, 11/18 any late-comers will have to sit out for the first three days of tryouts. Pre-season meetings may be held for your sport so make sure to check PantherBook to keep yourself updated.