Patriots vs. Steelers Recap

Samantha Stratton

Did you watch Sundays game?!

Throughout Franklin many families lost power right before the big game on Sunday. Many die hard football fans were devastated when they learned they couldn’t watch the game. This was a big disappointment to us New England fans but it was even a bigger let down when we lost the game.

The final score was 17-25. During the first quarter the Pats were already down by 7, but when the second quarter came around the Pats caught up by 10. The Steelers also scored 10 points putting them back in the lead 10-17. The Steelers went on to getting another 8 points making there final score 25. The Pats only went on to getting another 7 points making the final score 17-25.

The Pats current record is 5-2. Make sure you catch the game this Sunday at 4:15 at Gillette stadium.New England Patriots vs. NY Giants. It’s going to be a good game!