Our Future In Football.

Our Franklin High School seniors, were freshmen once, I know shocking right? Well that’s the main reason why we should be supporting our F.H.S. freshmen football team. Its not the record we look at to determine our support for the team, because whether they are losing or not, the encouragement from us may be the extra boost our freshmen need. Soon enough, they will all have moved up to junior varsity and varsity. Do you want to be known as the losing team? Fans do a lot more for the team then most of you know. Constant chants and roars from the sidelines could be the motivation this team needs.

No one wants to be the losing team, but its not about winning its the fun of the game. Future varsity players aren’t going to want to be on the losing side so they might even give up. Do we want this? Lets show these kids the love they deserve for representing our Franklin Panthers!