Hitting the Ice: The Top 5 Hockey Films of all Time

Jack Corsi

If you ask anyone on the street what their favorite hockey movie is, you will probably see one of these 5 movies.  Each one of these movies is not just motavational to hockey players, but motavational to everyone.

5. Youngblood- What’s better than seeing Patrick Swayze, Rob Lowe and Keanu Reeves lace up a pair of skates. Not much is better than that. Dean Youngblood played by Rob Lowe is just another reason why people need to follow their dreams.

4. D2: The Mighty Ducks: The 2nd installment of the iconic Mighty Ducks series, and the best one for that matter. Coach Bombay talks his team of Ducks teams them up with a few new skaters and wins the gold at the Junior Goodwill games.

3. Mystery, Alaska-You would think Russel Crowe and a pair of skates don’t match. Well then your wrong, Crowe and a small town Alaskan hockey team take on the New York Rangers in a game for the ages. And the best part is, Burt Reynolds plays the teams coach.

2. Slapshot- Paul Newman plays a player-coach for the Charlestown Chiefs. The Chiefs are in trouble because they’re for sale. Which ends up being a lie, and the team trys to play clean “old time hockey”, in the end it doesn’t work out.

1. Miracle- “DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES?YES!!!” Miracle is the pinnacle of the world of hockey films. This movie based on the story of the 1980 US hockey, goes through the triumphs and tribulations on their way to playing the Soviet Union in the semi-finals.