The Patriots Without Myra Kraft

Rachita Chaudhury

The Patriots franchise experienced a drastic change on July 20, 2011 when the wife of Robert Kraft, the owner of the Patriots, died at age 68. Myra, who was a dedicated philanthropist, lost a battle with cancer and it was a huge setback for the Kraft family and the Patriots family.

Myra worked endlessly in multiple charities that benefit children and cancer patients. She was a willing giver and was hesitant when Robert Kraft bought the Patriots in 1994 because she feared the investment would limit her ability to give to charity.

The Kraft family asks that donations be made to the Myra Kraft Giving Back Scholarship Fund. This fundraiser benefits kids of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston who have financial troubles.

Today, we see MHK (Myra Hiatt Kraft) logos on each and every Patriots player’s jersey and feel a pang of sympathy when the camera man gets a shot of Mr. Kraft sitting in his box without his wife. Kraft has his sons, Jonathan, Daniel, Josh and David and 8 grandchildren. Jonathan and Daniel are a part of the Patriots organization, Josh is CEO of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston, and David is also a part of the Kraft Group.

Myra Kraft has an interesting family background in regards to Nazism. Her father moved out of Lithuania to escape the rise of Nazi rule, but his parents and brother died in concentration camps. This inspired Myra to become an active philanthropist and she has raised abundant awareness and money for Jewish groups and other groups ever since.

The Patriots are doing pretty well this season and a “Patriots-Packers” Superbowl has been favored by many people so far. It is good to see everyone remaining strong.

Myra Kraft was a dedicated volunteer who touched the lives of many via multiple charities. She was a loving family member as well and will continue to be missed and admired dearly.