Tryout Tips For The Nervous Athelete

Alicia Kutil

As all of the FHS athletes know, THIS WEEK IS TRYOUTS WEEK. Sports such as Girls and Boys Basketball, Girls and Boys Hockey and Girls and Boys Track will have their tryouts this week. It seems almost everyone is nervous for tryouts, when a lot of the people that are nervous, shouldn’t be!

Here are some tips to the extremely nervous athletes who cant even focus in school.

1. It is not the end of the world. If worse comes to worse and you do not make the team ITS OK! There are always club teams that you can join out of school and if you work really hard in the off season, you have a great chance of making the team next year.

2. Relax. Everyone performs worse when they are nervous. Its almost a proven fact. So if you worry about making a team or making the team yuo want and let it get to your head, your probaly going to suck which just makes things worse! So really relax. Remember why you enjoy playing the sport, coaches like seeing that.

3. Always give 100%. On the last sprint when you feel like you want to throwup and heel over and just collapse on the ground, push yourself a little further. It will be over in a couple minutes and then you can go home and collapse on your couch.

4. Stay positive and be a team player. Instead of making the perfect shot or perfect goal, make the perfect pass to make those happen. Those almost always overshine those who made the goal or basket! Also only keep positive thoughts in your head and be confident. Players who are more confident (not cocky!) play more confident, which also looks really good to coaches!

5.  Have fun. If you have fun or at least look like your having fun, you will almost always play better. When you have fun and enjoy playing the sport, you will play better and you will remember the little skills that you might usually forget.

Anywho the main point is to not worry, try your hardest, and have fun!