And the Pats Win Again

Travis LePage

This past Sunday, December 4, the Patriots played the Colts at Gillette Stadium. The game was slow to start, with the Patriots only taking a three-point lead from a 39-yard field goal from Gostkowski. The Colts answered back early in the 2nd quarter though by also getting a field goal, thus tying up the game.

4 minutes later though, the Patriots started to build up fire. A 16-play drive ended with an eleven-yard touchdown pass to Gronkowski, giving the Patriots a 10-3 lead. Then, with one minute remaining in the half, the patriots scored another touchdown. When the half ended, the patriots were leading 17-3.

The Colts were not able to make any successful offensive drives in the third quarter, and stayed at a score of three. The Patriots on the other hand made 2 marches up the field, ending in two touchdowns. The score at the end of the third quarter was 31-3. In the fourth quarter though, the Colts stepped up their defense, and were able to stop the Patriots from scoring any points. The Patriots defense on the other hand had a hard time handling the Colts offense, which was able to score 3 touchdowns. This was all they got though, and it was not enough to bring the Patriots down. The game ended with a score of 31-24.

Make sure to watch the Patriots next week when they play the Red Skins in Washington at 1 on Sunday!