NBA Lockout Comes To An End

The extensive NBA lockout is finally over.  After 149 days without a CBA the NBA players and owners have reached a tentative deal to end the lockout.  The lockout stemmed from the expiration on July 30th of the CBA signed in 2005.  This was the 3rd major work stoppage in the NBA yet only the second to cause a shortened season, this year it will start on Christmas Day.  During this break in play many players considered going to play international, some did but others like Kevin Durant decided to play pickup games around the country, Durant played at Rucker Park and had a tremendous game.  LeBron James and Kevin Durant recently played a flag football game against each other, this game had referees, chain gang, and even a play clock it was no joking matter.  LeBron’s team won 70-63 scoring with 30 seconds left.  Lebron clinched the game with his 3rd pick of the game.  Though some players chose to leave it seems the ones who stayed were more wise because they are now playing in the NBA again.