Cathedral’s Football Catastrophe

Jack Corsi

Matt Owen and the Springfield Cathedral High School Football team were down 16-12,when Owens ran up the middle and seemingly score the game winning touchdown. But hold on a second there chiefy, there’s a flag on the play for unsportsmanlike conduct. Unsportsmanlike Conduct in the MIAA Division 4A Superbowl, you don’t see that every day. But was it the right call made by the officials?

The right call, yes, but come on really its the MIAA Super Bowl game, and your going to call this now, all I have to say is wow. Owen’s would throw the game losing INT on the next play. I understand, that this is a rule and rules are not meant to be broken especially in sports. But my question is where is the consistency in this call, many times watching college sports, you see celebrations like this and where is the call.

Cathedral Coach Duane Sigsbury had this to say after the game, “In the game being played, we won the game. Give Blue Hills a lot of credit. They are a great football team, but we deserve better. The game got taken away from us,”. Cathedral in my opinion was robbed, they rightfully won the game. But because of this “celebration”, and they were penalized.

A similar play occurred during a college game a few weeks back, a running back saluted the crowd after a 40 yard run. And guess what, there was no call. I understand that the officials will not get the call every time, but there needs to be consistency at all levels.  Especially if it is a meaningful game like this game was between Blue Hills and Cathedral.