The Heisman Trophy:Who Will Win

Jack Corsi

This college football season has been anything but boring, with at least one ranked team inside the top 10 losing weekly. But at this point of the season, the thing that’s on everyone’s mind beside the National Championship is the Heisman Trophy. This year’s race has been one of the most exciting to date. The 5 finalists have yet to be chosen, but there are a few guys who deserve the recognition of being in that top 5.

As of right now, in no particular order I would have Andrew Luck, Montee Ball, Trent Richardson, Tyrann Mathieu and Robert Griffin III. That would leave out Russel Wilson, Case Keenum, Matt Barkley and Kellan Moore. The 5 that I have, are most likely to be in the top 5, but who will it come down to in the top 5?

The three that have the best chances of winning the Heisman right now are Robert Griffin III (RG3), Andrew Luck, and Trent Richardson. These 3 right now look like they are the front runners, but don’t doubt Ball or Mathieu, the voters have their own minds and will throw anything out there. The winner will¬†either come out to being ¬†RG3 and Andrew Luck. RG3 has had probably the best season out of any quarterback in the NCAA passing for almost 4000 yards (at 3998 right now) and 36 TD’s. Luck has had arguably one of the best careers a college quarterback could have and is one of the most clutch players in the sports history. But don’t sleep on Richardson, he’s been a force all season and will be going into the National Championship.

Saturday at 8 pm on ESPN, the next Heisman Trophy winner will be announced, and my Heisman winner is Mr RG3, Robert Griffin III. RG3 has the skill and prowess to bring Baylor the Heisman. Luck will be a close second and Richardson in third.