The Patriots’ New Love-GRONK

Rachita Chaudhury

Rob Gronkowski, in his second year playing for the Patriots, has broken the record for touchdowns scored in a single season by a tight-end.

He achieved this on Sunday in the win against the Washington Redskins. The record was 13 touchdowns and Gronkowski has 15 so far.

Gronk is 6’6”, 265 lbs, and 22 years old. His size and strength make him stand out on the field. He is a huge contrast, literally and figuratively, to Wes Welker and Danny Woodhead, our two small and speedy receivers.

Gronkowski does not need the nimble footwork that Welker and Woodhead have because he is very difficult for defenders to take down.

Patriots fans and football fans in general are amazed by Gronk and his ability to get his hands on the ball, break tackles, and gain significant yardage.

Brady says he is dependable and consistent, which is something we Patriots fans have been waiting for after the Brady-Moss dynamic duo became no more.

When questioned about his record-breaking, Gronk simply said the win was what was important. The Patriots have a tendency to give simple, respectable answers during press conferences (No wonder we ended up getting rid of Randy Moss).

Gronk is one of three brothers playing in the NFL. The eldest is Gordie Jr. who played baseball for Jacksonville University. Dan Gronkowski was released by the Patriots this season after only a few weeks because of a hamstring injury.

Chris Gronkowski plays fullback for the Indianapolis Colts and the youngest, Glenn Gronkowski, is at Kansas State University.

These highly talented, athletic boys would to rack up a food bill of $500-$600 a week when they were younger!

Hopefully the defense will step up and Gronkowski will continue to shake defenders off of him like flies so that the Patriots will make it to the Superbowl this year.