Massachusetts Fan Section Wows The Nation!

Alicia Kutil


The video went viral; even becoming a top story on Yahoo News! A Massachusetts boys basketball fan section filmed their extremely creative pregame ritual, and the video has been viewed many many times.

Click here to watch the video.

At the Lawrence Central Catholic High School basketball game, the fans revealed their hilarious ritual.  

A student dressed up as the religious figure Moses, parted the “Red Sea” right before the game began. The “Red Sea” being the huge section of students dressed in red shirts.

The fan section had created a group of facebook called “The Red Sea — Greatest High School Fan Section in America”. This group suprisingly has about 1,330 fans.

The Red Sea as they all create a “giant wave” chant, “Lets go Central!”.

This fan section is the definition of dedication and school spirit, and they are not to far from us!

Can the FHS basketball fan section show them up and think of another hilarious pregame ritual? It is sure that Lawrence Central Catholic High School will be seeing competition from not only other regional schools, but maybe even Franklin High?!