The Man, The Myth, The Legend: Tim Tebow

Jack Corsi

Like many people going into this NFL season, I wrote off the Denver Broncos because of who they had playing the quarterback position. And well we were all right, until the Broncos made the change to Tim Tebow, and since then the Broncos have gone 6-1. In these 7 games, Tebow has lead the Broncos to a comeback victory 5 out of 7 times. Is it luck or is it all the “Tebowing” thats leading toDenver’s success.

“Tebowing” is the sensation that is taking the NFL by storm. What is “Tebowing”? Tebowing is  getting down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different. All this “Tebowing” is making all us fans ask is it Tebow’s play or is God on the side of the Broncos? Well until the Broncos streak is finally broken, let’s just say the “Tebowing” is leading to this.

What do people really think about Tim Tebow though?

Alec Callahan, a die hard Patriots fan and senior at FHS shared his choice words about Tebow. “Tim Tebow get lucky week to week, the luck will run out soon. When it runs out, then we see him as the bad quarterback he is.”

Mike Miga, another huge football fan and a senior at FHS, shared a different opinion. “I think he’s good for the game because he was popular coming out of college,” he also stated, “He’s a very likeable guy and even though he isn’t the best, it’s fun watching him play because he wins week to week.”

We all have different opinions of Tebow and how he plays and wins games. Some think its luck, while others think it’s because of the way he plays the game. Until then, just be ready every week to hear someone say “It’s Tebow Time.”