Bronco Beatdown: Pats win Big over Denver, 45-10

Jack Corsi

I think we can officially say that Tebow Time is over, and Brady Time has begun. The New England Patriots came out and stomped on the Denver Broncos from start to finish in prime time. Brady showed visions of his ealier career and playoff glory with this victory.

Going into Saturday nights game, I was one who thought that the “immortal” Tim Tebow would come out and beat the Patriots with his style of offense. But boy was I wrong, all Tebow really did was get eaten alive by a Patriots defense who ranked toward the bottom of the defensive standings during the regular season.

Beside Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski continued to show us all how he has become on of the elite tight ends that the NFL has to offer. Gronk  tied an NFL post-season record, catching three touchdown passes as part of a 10-catch, 145-yard effort. He is showing defenses that he and fellow tight end/fullback/halfback Aaron Hernandez that they are a force to be afraid of.

The Patriots showed us all this week that they are not afraid to go into a game like this and smash opposing defenses with a solid mixture through the air and on the ground. Yes, I said it the Patriots had a solid ground attack during the beatdown of the Broncos.

But Tom Brady and the Patriots will need to look past their record setting performances now, because they will have to wait for either the Baltimore Ravens or the Houston Texans to come to Foxborough next week.