Smith and 49ers Stun the Saints, 36-32

Jack Corsi

If I were to say to you that the Jim Harbaugh head coached San Francisco 49ers with Alex Smith at quarterback were to beat the New Orleans Saints, you would say I was crazy. Too bad Alex Smith and the 49ers decided they were no one to fool around with dropping the Saints 36-32 late in a home game Saturday at Candlestick Park.

Vernon Davis was the reciever of the ball from Smith thrown with 9 seconds to go for the winning touchdown. Davis’s reception is now being called “The Grab” by many anlaysts around the country. Smith though was the hero for the 49ers accounting for 299 yards passing and 4 total touchdowns.

Going into this game the one problem with the Saints is the location of their games. As we all know the Saints are a dome team, and Candlestick Park is no dome. Many thought the Saints would struggle because the outdoor scenery, but they showed up to play this time. But no what people (including myself) think that the west coast is the new killer of this Saints team.

The 49ers though will not have an easy time next week as they either will travel to Green Bay to take on the Packers, or they will stay home to take on the New York football Giants. These game possibilities have this writer hoping for an NFC championship game to remember.