Pond Hockey:The Best Part Of Winter

Jack Corsi

Every winter I look forward to  things the high school hockey season, the Bruins, and pond hockey. Pond hockey is a way of life for most hockey players when not on the ice, but for others its a way for them to get to live a dream that they were not ever able to fulfill.

Whether your a division 1 player skating 1st line for Jack Parker, or a casual sports fan with no skating ability, pond hockey is enjoyable and action-packed. A pond or even a home made back yard rink is where you can see hockey players and average joes skating and having a good time.

Personally when I see the thermometer hit anywhere below the freezing, I have the feeling that skating on a pond is not to far away. With the weather dropping below freezing in the next week or so, I can tell you this pond hockey will be in the forecast.

A few students gave me quick bits of their favorite parts of pond hockey.

Aidan Isberg, a junior and member of the varsity hockey team said “My favorite part of pond hockey is dangling, sniping and cellying all over the nearest pond.”

Chris Johnson, a junior also said “Playing outside on a pond is one of the best parts of playing pond hockey.”

Ryan Peters, a junior in the video states his what his favorite parts of pond hockey are.

If you have nothing to do, and you see a frozen pond, lace up a pair of skates and get out their on the nearest pond.