Jacobs Yells At Gisele

Travis LePage

After the Superbowl on Sunday, Giants fans were letting Brady know that he lost the game for the Patriots. After shouting remarks like “Eli owns you Brady”, Brady’s wife, Gisele, yelled out a remark of her own. She told the fans off that they should not be blaming Brady, as he was not the only one that lost the game for the Patriots.

Brandon Jacobs, one of the running backs for the giants, expressed his feelings of Gisele’s statement on Tuesday. At the championship parade in Manhattan, Jacobs told reporters that he believed Gisele should just shut up and “continue to be cute.”

Jacobs expressed his belief that Gisele should just stay out of things like that. She should have just kept her opinions to herself. In the end though, he did tell the press how she does have the right to do that, and there is nothing he can do about.

When asked about his opinion on Gisele’s statement, Senior Anirudh Singh says: “it was an emotional statement at an emotional time, so you can’t pay too much attention to it.”

Obviously there are a lot of views on this topic, but in the end it will blow over quickly.