Three Strikes…You’re Out!

Rachel, Writer

Undoubtedly, the Red Sox 2012 season of baseball has been a disappointing and sigh-worthy one at best—the half-empty, rain-soaked Fenway stands are an unspoken testament to the discouragement among the fans.

“They’re doing really badly this year,” mumbles FHS Junior Alyssa Powers as she recalls the countless losses and baffling strike-outs.

Alyssa is not alone—over the past few months, thousands of disheartened articles questioning the success of the team and presence of Bobby Valentine as an effective manager have spread like wildfire.

In fact, this year is quite literally the lowest moment in the franchise’s recent history; perhaps the first losing season since 1997.

But it’s not just avid fans who have been sorrowfully watching the hit-and-miss cycle repeat itself; after all, just typing “Red Sox” into the Google search box will result in a plethora of similar statements: Ortiz 2012 ‘Disaster all the way around”; The Red Sox Collapse; Reflections on an Epic Fail.

“I don’t even follow the Red Sox, but I know aren’t playing well at all this season,” states 11th grader Caitlin Cassano about the team’s recent performance. “They definitely need to up their game!”

Clearly, this issue remains quite prominent as the Red Sox finish up their 2012 season; it will inevitably take management adjustments, hard work, and determination to pull off a victory.

Nevertheless, not everyone has lost all hope for the Red Sox’s future rebound.

“Although they’re a struggling group, I believe that in the off-season they can really improve,” says FHS Junior Stephanie Queenan with a glimmer of excitement and anticipation in her voice.

Hopefully, through the application of assiduity and dedication, the team can leave their staggering losses behind and move forward in the path of success this coming season. After all, Fenway is nothing without the cheering fans and smiling faces!

Can the Red Sox rebound from a season of failure?


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