Vavavoom Volleyball News!

Vavavoom Volleyball News!

The Panthers huddle, after game one preparing for their second match, as they hope to pull off another win.

Kaitlin Copponi, Boss

Franklin Panthers, 4-3, before facing, the then 8-1, KP Warriors, was ready for a fight with the Boston Globally ranked team. Coach Kate had prepared the girls with tough practices working on what they needed to in order to pull out the win.

KP had crushed all the teams they had played, besides the one loss they had, to a very tough team. They looked like a serious threat to the little better than half and half record Franklin team. The Boston Globe had recently added King Philip to the Globe top 20 volleyball rankings, they are ranked 18th. That is the real deal.

When discussing the future matches, with Franklin’s Tri Captain, Alicia Kutil, she listed a handful of things they needed to have if they were going to get the W. When I asked her about the main things they had to do she said, “Mental toughness, limit errors, have fun, play smart and communicate”.

The Franklin panthers won the first game.

Kutil kills it for the first point of the second game. She also gets the 18th and 19th point with two hard kills. Franklin goes on to the win the second game.

Franklin starts off strong with an 8 to 0 lead in the third game.
Shay Feeley, senior tri captain, gets a little tip over the net for the 14th point, simple, easy and gets the job done. We tend to see this often from the four year varsity player Feeley.

Kutil struggles with a few points but redeems her self with the game winning point.

“We did well, we didn’t communicate our best” Toni Marinella, senior outside hitter says after the game, after having a great game.

As the team moves on after the 3-0 win, they are realizing they are a lot better than their record says, and if they continue the way they are playing they should make it far in this season.

Goodluck girls, from all your Franklin high school fans!

PS: Students reading this, lets get a bigger crowd going to the games, they are actually very intense and exciting!