Volleyball Victory

Rachel, Editor

After a big win for the Franklin Varsity Volleyball team this Thursday, there was definitely no shortage of back-slapping and hand-clapping.

The Panthers, armed with a 9-3 record and 26th place ranking throughout the state, was ready for battle against the Milford Hawks when they stepped out onto the floor.

“We practice six days a week,” says Varsity member Rachel Balon as she recalls the recent match. “I think we did really well!”

“It was an awesome game,” exclaims Jamie Marinella, another member of the team who contributed to the Panthers’ success.

Jamie is right—as the crowd cheered and roared with each perfectly-timed spike and flawless serve, the blue-and-white victory was no surprise.

By the end of the first game, Franklin was riding high with a 12-4 lead; thanks to key players Alicia Kutil and Tony Marinella, the Milford Hawks were left staggering behind with far too many mistakes.

“You got it! Keep going,” shouted a sea of excited fans as the Panthers entered the final game.

In the end, the Franklin win was a crystal-clear reflection of the dedication, determination, and teamwork that went into such a great performance: “25-16” flashed brightly on the scoreboard.

But the season is far from over for Franklin Volleyball; in fact, the team will be facing a whole new challenge next Monday as they face the Attleboro Bombardiers.

Do the Panthers have the strength to win again, or was this week’s win just a stroke of luck?

Will the Franklin Volleyball team win again next week?


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