Lance Armstrong Spokesman for Drugs?

Ashley Jennings, Staff

Lance Armstrong a professional American cyclist has been accused of advocating drug use because they think he used doping a performance enhancing drug . Due to these accusations the seven Tour De France titles Armstrong won have been taken away from him.

There are accusations that in 2002 UCI accepted a donation from Armstrong to over up a positive test. UCI admits that they accepted money from Armstrong but it had nothing to do with a cover up.

At first people began denying the accusations against Armstrong. After awhile people became angry then disappointed in him.

Some people are starting the agree with the UCI depicting Armstrong as a lier and cheater. other members from his team are saying they were coerced into engaging in doping with a good portion of the team. Armstrong is also being accused of attacking anyone who claimed they would tell on him.

Armstrong was officially banned for life from Cycling’s governing body. They are even going as far as erasing Armstrong’s nameĀ  from the Tour De France record books which he won from 1999-2005. Sponsors such as Nike, Trek Bicycles and Anheuser-Busch have dropped Armstrong.

Armstrong steps down as Livestrong Leader