The Future of the Red Sox

Pooja Agarwal

On Saturday, October 21, John Farrell, former manager of the Toronto Blue Jays, was named the new manager of the Boston Red Sox.  After one of the worst seasons of Red Sox history, managed by Bobby Valentine, the Red Sox hope to make a comeback next year under the leadership of Farrell.

Farrell is by no means new to the Red Sox; he served as their pitching coach from 2007-2010.  During these seasons, the Sox won the World Series (2007), were the runner up in the American League (2008), and were the AL wild card (2009).

The trade between the Jays and the Sox resulted in the loss of shortstop Mike Aviles and the gain of relief pitcher David Carpenter.  Farrell has signed a three year contract with the Sox.

It’s no secret that Bobby Valentine was definitely not a fan favorite like the Red Sox’s manager before him, Terry Francona.  Valentine was fired the day after the conclusion of the Red Sox 2012 season.

Sox fans are optimistic for the upcoming 2013 season; the Red Sox fate lies in John Farrell’s hands.