Franklin Girls Varsity Soccer Crushes King Philip

Franklin Girls Varsity Soccer Crushes King Philip

Ashley Jennings, Staff

On Tuesday October 23rd Franklin Varsity girls soccer team dominated the field against King Philip. In the first half there was a constant cheer for the crowd for both Franklin High School and King Philip.Many fans were refering to the teams as white for Franklin and green for KP.

Within the first ten minutes Franklin High senior Kristie Kirsche scored the first goal of the game. Less than ten minutes later Kirsche scored a second goal for the team and game.

By the half time the score was 3-0 with Franklin in the lead.

Only a minute into the second half Franklin scores yet another goal. The cheers for King philip began to have a slightly angered tone such as “turn it around KP.”

By the end of the game King Philip’s cheering had greatly susided. Franklin High dominates with a whopping seven points while King Philip failed to make any goals at all.

Was KP just an easy team to beat or do we have an amazing soccer team?


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