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What the puck?

With the deadline for the NHL (National Hockey League)’s new agreement approaching, hockey fans everywhere are wondering whether or not the coaches will be able to save the full 82-game season.

The owners, the players, and even the fans have been wondering when this tragedy would finally be over.

“I’m heated. I just wanna go watch some hockey games” said FHS senior Caroline D’Errico.

In order to save the full season, the regular season schedule will have to begin no later than November 2. Plus, a 7-day Training Camp that must open by October 26.

The first scheduled preseason game was supposed to take place on Tuesday, September 25, 2012. This game sadly did not happen, nor did any of the following preseason games that were scheduled to take place.

A lot of fans are very upset about this lockout because they dont get to see their favorite players out on the ice.

FHS senior Cara Murphy said “This lockout is horrible because I don’t get to watch Tyler Seguin. He’s my favorite player!”

This lockout was caused because of the expiration of the NHL’s collective bargaining agreement (CBA).

The team’s owners announced the lockout after they were unable to come up with an agreement before their original deadline.

“I’m mad, annoyed, pissed, and depressed.” said FHS girls hockey player Kylie Sauter, a senior at the high school “it’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to me. Hockey is my life”

This is the fourth lockout in the 19 years since Gary Bettman became NHL Commissioner in 1993. Only three of which involved the players, the other one in 1933 was an officials’ lockout.

The cancellation of the NHL preseason games resulted in about $100 million in lost revenue.

The lockout has delayed the start of the 2012–13 NHL season, which originally was scheduled to begin on October 11, 2012.

This delay, has left hockey fans wondering how to spend their free time now that they don’t have games to watch.

“The lockout sucks. It’s depressing. I don’t like it.” said boys hockey player, Randy Gilbert, a junior at FHS. “I don’t have anything to do during the winter now.”

The players waited a month to offer a counter-proposal as it requested additional financial data from the league.

In order to get the season started on time, the team’s owners must conclude a new written CBA by October 25, which at this point, seams like it will most likely be achieved.

The most recent deal last week was not reached when new offers were presented from both the NHL and the NHLPA. It seemed that some common ground was reached on the core economic issues though.

“I f***ing hate it so much. They should have just went with the most recent deal” said FHS senior Tara Grady. “They need to figure things out soon so I can watch my hockey”

The parties had already reached an agreement on many of the non-critical but necessary items needed to complete a new CBA. The owners are currently still working on their desire to reduce the players’ guaranteed share of 57% of hockey related revenues (HRR).

Owners have to decide quickly on a deal if they want to save their full season. They seem to be making a lot of progress with their agreement.

“They should just work out their differences and come up with an agreement soon.” said senior Angie Stoddard. “The fans and the players are waiting. It’s time for some hockey”

The owners are keeping their players and fans in mind and are trying to get a deal before their deadline. But they don’t have much time left.

Tell me how you feel about all of the craziness going on because of the NHL lockout.

Are you excited for the lockout to end?


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