NFL Quarterbacks Injury Prone

Mike Schratz, Writer

In week 10 of the NFL, a plethora of valuable quarterbacks were sidelined with a multitude of injuries.

49ers’ quarterback Alex Smith, Eagles’ QB Michael Vick, and Bears’ Jay Cutler all suffered concussions Sunday. Ben Roethlisberger joined the list when he sprained his right shoulder on Monday Night Football.

San Francisco, Chicago, and Pittsburgh are are chasing division titles. Oddly enough, these significant injuries happened at the same time to the same position.

“The steelers will be affected most,” claimed Junior Chris Arnaudo, an intense NFL fan, “part of their offense depends on Big Ben extending the play.”

Many would agree, especially because Roethlisberger is an elite quarterback who has won two Super Bowls.

“San Francisco still has their running game in Frank Gore, and the Bears have Matt Forte” stated Arnaudo.

Viewing a multitude of QB’s get seriously hurt one way or another must worry Patriots’ fans. The seemingly everlasting Tom Brady could be forced to retire if hit with another devastating injury.

“He’s still only 35 years old,” said Brady O’keefe a Patriots fan and junior at Franklin High, “his passion for the game will bring him back after a serious injury no matter what.”

It is essential for Brady to stay upright for New England, unlike the other quarterbacks, given that “his mastery of the no huddle and his leadership will be irreplaceable.”

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