Turkey Day Football

Turkey Day Football

Zucco under center vs King Phillip last Thanksgiving. Photo Courtesy of Fhs Smugmug

Thomas Corsi, Writer

Turkey, potatoes, stuffing and High School Football, what is there more to ask for? Every year on Thanksgiving Day, the Franklin Panthers face off against the King Phillip Warriors with this year being at King Phillip High School.

Thanksgiving football in a tradition here in Massachusetts as the holiday game is a focal point for all of them, no matter how unsuccessful the regular season may have been.

Thanksgiving Day football gives a great feeling to all there and who have been around such an event over the years.

Teams all over the state face off in this yearly game. Players, coaches, students, and alumni all look forward to this one game the whole season long. It means the most to the seniors as this possibly could be their final game out on the gridiron.

What does the game true mean to the players and coaches though?

“The tradition competitiveness and the atmosphere around the whole game and week is great for the players. The players look forward to this game all year as it is their rivals as well as all the family that comes to watch them,” said Coach Sidwell.

“I would give up anything to play another game on Thanksgiving. It was just exciting and fun with all my family coming to see me play and that the whole day is focused around this event,” said Sidwell.

“Pride and Tradition. This is the last game for our seniors and it will make our season to beat our rival so we want to win it for the seniors and end our good season on a great note,” said Junior Quaterback Nick Zucco.

“We look for a physical brawl and a hard fought team. They are an athletic team who like to get hit, they will not back down.” Said Zucco.

“It means a lot. My whole family and old teammates come down to watch me play again. It feels really good being the last Dellorco playing” said
Junior Receiver Robert Dellorco.

“It’s gonna be a fun game having all my family there watching me” added Dellorco.

In the past, Franklin has had KP’s number as the lead the series 31-20-1 however the Warriors have won two straight since the 2009 game where Franklin sealed up the Hockomock Championship that season.

Could this year be the same with KP being victorious? Or will Franklin get back on the winning track?

Key players in this year’s game are Junior Quarterbacks Nick Zucco (Franklin) and John Dillon (KP), running backs Kyle Finamore (Franklin) and Joseph Johnston (KP), and wide outs Robert Dellorco (Franklin) and Sam McDonald (KP) look towards these players to make an impact.

Rumor has it King Phillip’s starting full back, kicker, and linebacker Ryan Dunn will be unable to play. Sources say Dunn dislocated his shoulder and tore three muscles. Dunn got hurt two weeks back and was unable to play against North Attleboro last week.

Will this hurt the Warrior’s chances?

Last year’s game saw King Phillip winning 42-21 with the Warriors receiving the Hock Championship. This year Franklin (7-3) looks to defeat the Warriors (9-1) with nothing but pride on the line as Mansfield clinched the Hock Championship after defeating the Panthers last week.

Franklin’s defense will need to buckle down and be strong against a very good running game of the Warriors while King Phillip will need to be able to stop Zucco and the fast paced offense of the FHS Panthers.

King Phillip’s one advantage going to the battle of the trenches is their field. King Phillip has a traditional grass field however it doesn’t have much grass left. Franklin is use to turf as with most of the rest of the Hockomock as KP is the only one with a grass (dirt) field.

Can Franklin pull out a victory? Or will the Warriors battle to victory again over the Panthers?

Who will WIN?


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