An End To A Great Season

An End To A Great Season

photo courtesy of Peter Willis

Britany Landry, Writer

The 2012 Franklin High School football season has come to an end and will be missed buy many and the seniors that are graduating this year.

The Franklin Panthers ended the season with 7 wins and 4 losses and although they did not make it to the playoffs, the players are still content with their season.

“The season as a team I would say we had a really good year, we all connected as a team and I met some really great guys” says Gene Grella, senior player for the Panthers.

The team connected as a family would throughout the season and all the graduating seniors this year will be missed.

Although we may have lost the Thanksgiving Day game to our rival King Philip, the team stood strong and some reported “tears” were shed as the team realized it was the end to the 2012 season.

Our starting quarterback Nick Zucco and many other juniors at Franklin High will carry on the Panther legacy next year after the seniors depart for college.

“I hope to be able to play in college but I had great run at Franklin” says¬†Grella.¬†

The seniors may be leaving for college but some hope to play for their new school and continue their football careers.

The Franklin Panthers won the division 1 sectional final and overall had an outstanding year.

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