Hamilton Not The Match For The Red Sox

Jonathan Geromini, Writer

Josh Hamilton is by far the best  free agent in major league baseball this off-season. Six years into his already roller coaster career Hamilton has been to five all star games, has won a batting title and a RBI title and was awarded the AL MVP back in 2010. But even with all these accolades Hamilton should not be but any means wearing a Red Sox jersey come Opening day next season.

Yes Hamilton’s story has been well captured over the years. Yes he has battled back from drug and substance abuse and yes he is probably is the best talent in all of of Major League Baseball. But still to this day Hamilton deals with abuse relapsing twice over the last two years and forcing the question yet again can this guy keep it together? And with Hamilton it does not stop there. The former MVP has been criticized for not showing up everyday and not showing the talent and heart that had scouts labeling him as a left handed hitting Hank Aaron when he was nineteen years old.

And like Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington said “We need to take this off-season and approach it differently then in years past.”

Oh yeah didn’t Red Sox go down the road before, remember. In the 2010 off season the Red Sox signed Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez to Seven Year 140+ million dollar deals. And how did that work out, oh yeah it was a DISASTOR. Carl Crawford  cracked under the big lights of Boston and never even had a chance to succeed here. Adrian Gonzalez set the bench mark for complaining, faded down the stretch when in 2011 when the Red Sox blew a 9 1/2 game lead and tried to get his manger fired single handedly last July.

The Red Sox  need a better clubhouse. One that is team oriented,  One that has players who love playing baseball, One that does not have prima donnas like Josh Beckett, Gonzalez, Kelly Shoppach and Kevin Youkilis who were shipped off last season by the Sox. Hamilton with his baggage will not help that cause at all.

If the Red Sox bring in Hamilton then there is no hope left for this team because then the signing will be about one thing and one thing only, Publicity Which is the exact reason why the Red Sox are in this mess in the first place. Hamilton in no way shape or form fits this team and if he come s here it will mean doom for this franchise.

If Hamilton signs with Red Sox,  kiss this season and seasons to come good bye.

Do you think the Red Sox should sign Josh Hamilton?


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