Are You Ready To Rumble?

On November 19th the school will have a half day, but even more exciting, the dodgeball tournament. In past years, there has been a volly ball tournament, where students from each grade created their own team and played against eachother. The winner of the tournament would then go on to play the teachers for the championship.

This year with the dodgeball tournement will have the same organization as years before. There will be four teams representing each grade. Two teams from the same grade will play eachother and the winner from each grade will move forward. Freshman finalists will play Junior finalists, while sophmore finalists will play Senior finalists.

Although dodgeball is known to be a violent sport, the rules have been tweaked by the administration to prevent serious injuries.

“We are going to dominate and beat the teachers in the finals for sure”  Team member and Senior Zach Scafati claims.

While Joe Mammola claims that “Our team has more determination and heart than any other team. Hardbody”

Ryan Lessard boldly states “We are going to win it all”

Despite the trash talk, the dodgeball tournement will surely be an event you will not want to miss.