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The School Newspaper of Franklin High School


The School Newspaper of Franklin High School


Liane Blyn: Franklin Athletic’s Newest Addition

If you have noticed any of Franklin’s athletes running faster, jumping higher, or pushing harder, it is largely thanks to Liane Blyn, Franklin’s new Strength and Conditioning Coach.

“Liane’s great” football player Dan McDermott told me. “the whole football team loves her”

Blyn works with teams if coaches request her assistance and many do.

“She specifies the work out for the sport you’re playing” said Sophomore volleyball player Megan Rogers “It helps when you need to improve on something for that sport”

Blyn is also a certified athletic trainer, meaning she can evaluate and immediately care for injuries and teach athletes about injury prevention.

“I hurt myself” junior track runner Sarah Carrol said “But, I’ve been working out with Liane, so I’ve been staying in shape”

Blyn started to train Franklin athletes last spring and also held off season work out sessions over the summer.

“I worked with her off-season” Rogers added “and I definitely noticed an improvement in my overall performance”

Blyn is willing to help anyone out with staying fit.

“My advice, I would say, you’re either all in or all out” Blyn said “so if you put your mind to it you can do it”

Blyn has been more then dedicated to helping the players; on her off time, she comes to Franklin games.

“She’s really involved” McDermott continued “she talks to us about how we can improve and comes to all of our home games”

Besides being an athletic trainer, Blyn is also a member of the Massachusetts women’s power lifting team. She placed first in her class in the  International power-lifting confederation in 2006.

“I love it” Blyn said about lifting “it’s fun. I’s my stress relief”

But how exactly did a former field hockey and softball player become a competitive lifter?

“I was an athlete” Blyn told me “so I lifted to become a better athlete and for injury prevention.”

In 2008, Blyn and her husband, Rich Blyn, opened Athletic Based Training in Holliston, MA which is how she got to working at Franklin.

“I had some Franklin dads that said ‘hey, you need to apply for this position'” Blyn told me “and I did so now I’m here”

How does she like Franklin?

“Every one’s awesome” Blyn told me “I honestly love coming here. Its my highlight of my day, coming here”