9 Year Old Football Player on Wheaties Box

Marina Smoske, (with excessive assistance from Andrew Cyr), Lead Tactics Coordinators

Sam Gordon, a 9 year old football player who took the internet by storm with a viral video of herself outperforming her male counterparts has become the first female football player ever to appear on a Wheaties box.

After the video’s views climbed into the tens of thousands, Gordon appeared on Good Morning America and SportsCenter among a slew of other interviews.

Her Good Morning America appearance concluded with the surprise reveal of her Wheaties box by host Josh Elliott in Times Square, to which she said, “that’s awesome.”

Gordon’s rise to fame has sparked important conversation about the gender-normative nature of sports and Gordon’s future in a male-dominated sport.  Gordan claims to be completely comfortable “embarrassing the boys” with her athletic prowess and invites other females to participate in sports alongside males.