Panthers Fall Short To Catholic Memorial

Panthers Fall Short To Catholic Memorial

Franklin Panthers fell to Catholic Memorial in their home opener by a score of 56-66.

Brittany Landry

The Franklin Panthers fell short to Catholic Memorial last night during the first home game of the season.

The Panthers trailed behind Catholic Memorial 10 points throughout the whole game, struggling to catch up.

With Chris Rodgers scoring the first 3 pointer of the game for Franklin, the Panthers seemed to start off their season on a good foot.

As the game continued some Panthers fans would say multiple fouls should have been called against Catholic Memorial.

In particular, Quenten Harrell, number 2, had a questionable jab to the chest which was unnoticed by the referees.

“ As a team we played good defense by speaking on the court to each other and communicating” says Jaquan James, number 15 and player for Franklin High School.

Although the team may have fell short in their first game, they had great defensive tactics and were constantly looking for each other on the court.

By the end of the 2nd period the score was 36-25 Catholic Memorial, and the Panthers still needed to rev their game up.

“We could improve on rebounding the ball because we are all small” says James.

Throughout the game the Panthers attempted many shots which always seemed to fall short. Similarly, many shots taken by CM, the Panthers failed to rebound them.

Surely the Panthers will have a great season and will learn from their first game’s mistakes and accomplishments. The final score remained at 66-56 Catholic Memorial.

Who will be the Panthers biggest competition this season?


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