Patriots vs. 49ers Game Recap

Samantha Stratton

Did you catch Sunday nights football game?!

The Patriots took the field the other night at Gillette Stadium against the San Francisco 49ers. The game started off with the 49ers taking the lead within the first quarter. The 49ers are known for having good defense and they deffinetly showed it the other night.

Even though the Patriots didnt give their all in the game the final score came to be 41-34 with the 49ers winning the game. The Patriots came back in the 4th quarter with a miraculous 24 points but it wasnt enough.

The Patriots and the 49ers have similar league scores:

New England Patriots: (10-3-1)

San Francisco 49ers: (10-4-0)

Make sure to tune in next Sunday, Decemeber 23rd at 1pm to see the New England Patriots play against the Jacksonville Jaguars!