FHS Wrestling

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The Franklin High School Wrestling team has always been the team to beat.  This is because of the extreme determination of the wrestlers and the long time head coach Carmine Colace who has brought his team to numerous state championship wins.

Wrestling is a huge commitment wrestlers have practice basically six days a week. One of the big deterrents of wrestling is having to cut weight. It seems to be the big struggle of the sport because it limits what you can and cannot eat, and not everybody is willing to give up certain foods for a sport.

“I got into wrestling when I was in about eighth grade all of my friends told how fun it was I felt I was missing something great” said senior Captain Brian Doherty

“With wrestling in Franklin it is so easy to start out because we have a great youth program called Wadsworth Wrestling Club that makes to the state championship tournament quite often, and that’s where it all started” said Doherty.

“Whats keeps my coming back is just the love of the sport, and just the humor that is established with the coaching staff is just amazing” said Doherty.

Coach Colace has brought his team to ten state championship wins, thirteen sectional wins, and fourteen Hockomock league championships whatever he is doing with his team I wouldn’t stop if I was him.