RG III Done For Good?

Jonathan Geromini, Writer

Robert Griffin III has easily been one of the most electrifying players in the NFL this year and has been one of the most electrifying rookies in the history of the National Football League. But  is his promising career over before it even starts?

Last Sunday Griffin III partially tore his LCL and may have torn his ACL as well. The tear will require surgery that Griffin had Wednesday and six to eight months of rehab that could sideline him for the beginning of the 2013 season.

The LCL injury almost ends RG III career as a running quarterback which is half of his amazing game that electrified everyone and lead the Redskins to their first division title in fifteen years. The chances of RG III coming back are very good  and he is on track to be back on the field in 6-8 months, but will he be the same player and will he be the same quarterback that looked like he was going to be wearing a gold jacket in Canton, Ohio one day, that question will only be answered with time itself.

The biggest issue that has arose  from RG III’s injury is not so much the injury itself, it is the question of Should he have even been out there in the first place when the Redskins knew that he had a strained LCL and knew that if he went out there and played that it would make him more likely to sustain a tear which he eventually ended up doing.

“I don’t think he should of been in there.” FHS senior Andrew Sergi said “The team knew that he was hurt and still put him out there knowing that it could risk his future and it came back to bite them.”

” RG III was there(The Redskins) best option at quarterback.” FHS junior Mike Schratz said “They needed to play him because he gave them the best way to win and if they sat him that would of sent a bad message to their fans.”

Granted RG III’S career is not over yet, he could pull an Adrian Peterson and come back like nothing ever happen to him and go on to do great things but with this injury he may never be the exciting young player he once was.

RG III’s luck finally caught up to him and now he has to face the hardest reality of all, the reality of being injured and the reality of never being the same athlete you were before.

Do you think the Redskins should of played Robert Griffin III?


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