Bruins Return to the Rink

Samantha Stratton

The Boston Bruins win their first game of the season against the New York Rangers!

For about the past 4 months the Bruins along with every other hockey team was in the NHL lockout. For true hockey fans this lockout seemed to have go on forever! When the good news came on January 6th that the season was going to start up again this year the fans could not have been happier! It seemed that there was going to be no hockey season this year if  they didn’t make their decision soon!

The NHL season is going to be much shorter because of the lockout so each game is going to seem more important than before. Good thing the Bruins started 2013 off well by winning their first game! The Bruins ended up beating the New York Rangers 3-1!

The most recent game was on January 21st against the Winnipeg Jets! The game started off with the Jets scoring the first goal but the Bruins didn’t hesitate to come back later in that same period to score a goal to tie up the game! The Bruins than scored later on to gain the lead with 2-1!

The next game is going to be on January 23rd in New York against the New York Rangers at 7:30pm! After this game the Bruins return back to Boston on the 25th to play the New York Islanders at 7:00pm! Make sure you tune in to watch the games!