The New and Improved Sox?

Pooja Agarwal

Football season is coming to an end, and although basketball and hockey season are in full swing, baseball season is just around the corner.  If you’ve been paying attention to Red Sox news, you may have noticed that lots of changes are taking place, with new players, a new manager, and a new staff.

Since the Red Sox’s collapse of September 2011 and their downward spiral since then, Terry Francona has been fired, Bobby Valentine has been hired, led the Sox through their worst season in forty-six years and promptly fired.  Now, with John Farrell as the new coach, the Sox hope to make a comeback this season.

Bobby Valentine started his year similarly to John Farrell and was unsuccessful in restoring the Red Sox to their former glory.  Will John Farrell be different?

Some of Farrell’s recent and notable deals include Pedro Martinez being hired as a special assistant to the general manager, Ben Cherington and Mike Napoli as the new first basemen.

Spring training starts February 12 in JetBlue Park at Fort Meyers, FL and Opening Day in New York on April 1st, so get ready for the Red Sox!

Do you think the changes to the Red Sox are going to help?


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