Girls Basketball Hitting Their Stride

Girls Basketball Hitting Their Stride

Franklin Girls are ready for a primmed run at the D1 South Sectional title Photo from

1st round of D1 South MIAA Tournament Needham vs Franklin-The Needham Channel 1

Jonathan Geromini, Writer

It was one year ago when the Franklin Girls Basketball team was heading to the D1 South Semifinals as the number one seed in the D1 south sectional. That team was expected to win and dominate every time they stepped on the court. That team fell short when they lost in the South Semifinal and everyone wondered what could have been.

This year, well has been a little different. There was no 12-0 start, there was no number one seed and there was no domination factor when they stepped on the floor. The Panthers had to fight and push through every single game this year and had to fight through adversity, something that they did not have to do much of last year, Which is why this team may just be better then the team last year.

I know that may be crazy to think about but last years team never really faced tough times and adversity and that may have done them in the sectional final. This team has faced those tough times and adversity which will make them tougher out as the tournament continues.

“I think being the fourth seed is a little bit easier to handle” senior captain Kristi Kirshe said “I think with the one seed you are expected to win every game you play but as the four seed your a little under rated and  there is a lot less pressure on you.

That four seed has been no problem for the Panther have had two convincing victories over Needham(54-47) and Marshfield(63-40) and convincing the state that they are a force to be reckon with once again.

“Its a great time to be playing as well as we are” Krishe said “If we keep playing like this then we can beat anyone who we play.”

With two of the top three seeds already bounced from the South Sectional the Franklin Girls have a favorable gateway to the South Sectional Title and if the stellar play of Kirshe , Sarah Shaw and Alicia Kutil then the only one that can beat the Panthers in themselves.

This is the point in the season where teams not need to peak and the Panthers are peaking and peaking big time.

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