To Sleeve or not to Sleeve

Zak Borrelli, NBA analyst

Despite criticism from both fans and players, the NBA has decided to make this year’s All-Star jerseys sleeved.

Since last season, the NBA has been trying to implement these new short-sleeved jerseys. The Golden State Warriors were the first team to don the new look (wearing the new jerseys four times last season) and this season the Phoenix Suns, Minnesota Timberwolves, LA Clippers have joined them. (The Brooklyn Nets are also reportedly introducing new short-sleeved jerseys that pay tribute to the Brooklyn Dodgers)

“They’re not the most attractive Jerseys, I don’t know why they would try to implement short sleeves” said FHS senior Jake Boynton.

When asked why he thinks the league is moving toward these new jerseys Boynton had this to say:

“Adidas is starting to fall farther and farther behind Nike, so they’re taking it to extreme measures to get back in the game.”

Boynton may be right here, as the NBA league office is always looking to generate more revenue. But this isn’t something the players would argue over, as the current CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) has a 50/50 split between the league and the players union.

The short-sleeved jerseys were also featured on Christmas Day, with all 10 teams who played that day wearing special edition jerseys. So it’s safe to say the league is attempting to generate some buzz about their newest item in the NBA store.

The league has said they will not continue to push the short-sleeved jerseys if they players don’t like them, although players have continued to voice their concerns.

So what do you think of the new short-sleeved jerseys?

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