Franklin KHL Gears Up for 2014 Season

Chris Arnaudo

The Franklin Knee Hockey League is fast approaching it’s third season and Franklin High School Students are gearing up for the leagues 2014 stanza. With February right around the corner, Franklin KHL is about to start it’s 2014 regular season. Co Commissioner’s Chris Arnaudo and Stephen Neal vow to make this the best season yet. Plans to make the league bigger with a few more teams but a main focus on getting it more well known around Franklin and even around Massachusetts.

Renovations of the leagues main rink St. Hank’s Forum, located in Chris Arnaudo’s basement, have started to accommodate more fans and to make it more comfortable to enjoy and KHL game.IMG_3853

New this year is a team fee. This fee will cover things from sticks and water that will be supplied to the teams during their games. The fee price is still to be determined. Also theres an outside chance of a small cash prize to the winner of the league with the profits from the team fee.

The regular season is not your conventional set up. It is tournament style where teams are invited to play certain tournaments. At the end of March is the best time of year for KHL fans across the nation as the Vulcan Cup Playoffs start up. However this year it will be a little harder to qualify for the tourney. Not only does your team (partnership) have to play the leagues minimum amount of games, which is to be determined, you also must rank in the top 12 teams around the league.

In this top 12, it is not based off of just record alone. Things such as, number of games played, goals for, goals against, and even strength of schedule will factor into these power rankings.