Jack Riedel; Humble yet Hungry

Jack Riedel; Humble yet Hungry

Franklin Senior Jack Riedel

Zak Borrelli , Writer

Franklin senior Jack Riedel has carved his name in the FHS history books with his most recent performance.

Riedel recently placed 5th in the MIAA Division I Championships while setting a new school record for indoor  shot put with a distance of 51′-5.5″


Riedel representing FHS shot put
Riedel representing FHS shot put

The previous record, held by Andrew McNiece, was 51′-3.5″

“It means a lot to me…… I worked hard for it and it feels really good. Hard work pays off.” said Riedel when asked what this record meant to him.

Most know Riedel as the gentle giant who shreds a guitar like it’s nobody’s business, but what gets overshadowed is his skill in shot put.

“I thought it was something I should participate in and I fell in love with it ever since” said Riedel about shot put. After becoming a thrower, it was is hard work and determination are what allowed Riedel to break the record.

“you have to have a goal set in mind, you cant just participate and try and succeed. Nothing beats hard work, as long as you put the work in it will pay off, you just have to be patient.” said Riedel 

Although his name is already in the record books, Riedel has no intention of taking it easy. He still trains just as hard as he ever did, a true testament to the “hard work pays off” motto he embraces. And it’s far from over for this athlete, who’s next major goal is breaking the record for indoor shot put.

With his mindset and can do attitude, this reporter would not be surprised to see Riedel achieve his goal and make his fellow students, friends, and athletes proud.