Reactions to USA Hockey Team Finished in Sochi

Reactions to USA Hockey Team Finished in Sochi

Kyle Lundgren of the Franklin High Boys Varsity hockey team looks on as his USA hockey team is eliminated from gold medal contention.

Chris Arnaudo

On Saturday, February 22, 2014, the Mens USA Hockey team wrapped up their 2014 Sochi campaign and some are less than impressed.

With a star studded line up of all NHL players, the US Mens Hockey team was supposed to come away from Sochi with at least a medal, but that wasn’t the case Saturday when Finland routed the US 5-0 in the bronze medal game.

FHS student Nick Zucco added,

“We came so close in Vancouver (the 2010 winter olympics) with pretty much the same cast of guys so it really makes this year a big let down.”

That was pretty much the feeling throughout the school from teachers to students.

History teacher Mr. Penza, who is an avid hockey fan, commented,

“Just a big disappointment. (US) had some good chances in the first against Finland but just got too down on themselves when they didn’t finish.” he also added, “I felt bad for the guys like Kessel who we’re really trying hard out there and giving it all they had”.

FHS student and Boys Varsity hockey player Kyle Lundgren still had a sour taste in his mouth about the loss to Canada saying,

“You know, who even cares about the Finland game? Did anyone even watch it? If you’re not first your last. I really don’t think anyone on that team (US) wanted to go play for bronze.”

Not all were bad reactions though, a group of FHS student girls in the Cafe and they impressed with some of the men on the team. Looks wise of course,

“That (TJ) Oshie guy? He’s really cute and he so good.”

The US Mens Ice Hockey team finish out 3-2 in Sochi with the two losses at the worst times, failing to come away with a medal. Canada handed them their first loss in the semi-final round 1-0 sending them to the bronze medal game where they got beat up by the Fins 5-0. 4th place has left the student body and teachers disappointed and a little embarrassed.