The Perfect Storm?

Jake Boynton, Sports Writer

Court stormings have been happening more and more frequently in college basketball, as of late, and people are responding.

Students at underdog schools run out on the court to celebrate with the team after a big win, but lately the wins leading to court storming have occurred at schools with winning traditions.

Before the last few years, students only rushed the court after beating a top 5 team, and the team who rushed would have been un-ranked, with little history of success in its basketball program. This year, however, teams like Indiana (15-11), and North Carolina (20-7), where basketball is nearly worshiped, have rushed the court after a win.

Franklin High School senior Ben Bedarian voiced his dislike of the recent number of court stormings.

“I think it is a tradition that needs to be broken. While it may be extremely fun for students at their universities to storm the court, it is just not safe and should be abolished,” said Bedarian.

Long-time ESPN announcer Dick Vitale also commented on the strangeness of recent court stormings just after the buzzer, last week when North Carolina students rushed onto the court.

“North Carolina’s a team that’s won five national championships,” said Vitale, sounding surprised by the students’ excitement.