The 2014 Cheer Season Comes to End

The 2014 Cheer Season Comes to End

On Sunday March 2nd the FHS varsity cheerleaders (coached by Kristin Schmauder) came in 4th place just .75 points away from moving onto the state championships.

The team needed to get a 160 to move on, and they scored a 159.25. The loss brought out many sad feelings from the cheerleaders, especially the seniors.

“My team has seen me through my highs and lows and they were always supportive. We became a family and its going to be strange and depressing not being with my fellow chilleaders everyday.” Said Senior Julia Donovan.

The team calls themselves ‘Chilleaders‘ because they tend to be divas and Sarah Hurley decided that they needed to ‘chill’ and act like Chilleaders not Cheerleaders.

“Our sport lasts two seasons so we’ve been with each other nonstop since August; we all got really close. My favorite time during the season was probably when our bus broke down on the way home from competition and we were stranded in the parking lot having a sing along to pitch perfect.” Added Donovan.

The varsity cheerleaders cheered for not just the football team but also the basketball team. They were always so supportive of each team. Hopefully next year the chilleader tradition continues even without this years seniors.

Julia Donovan concluded by saying that,

“Even when we were all exhausted from a long day, and wanted nothing more than to crawl in our beds, we sang and laughed and always had a good time.”